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Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else.
Women’s IQs Overtake Men’s

Women are becoming brighter than men, according to the latest IQ testing. 

For years, women have been on average about five points below men, but IQ expert James Flynn’s latest tests show that women are closing the gap. In some countries, like New Zealand, women and men were equal, while in others, like Estonia and Argentina, women actually pulled ahead of men.

Flynn said he thinks this could be due to the changing demands of our modern world, including the rising demand for women to multi-task between work and raising a family. He will publish his findings in a book. 

For more about these developments, read the story here

— 2 years ago
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