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Proof Beyond A Reasonable Doubt That Women Are Better Cops, Drivers, Gamblers, Spies, World Leaders, Beer Tasters, Hedge Fund Managers, and Just About Everything Else.
Are Men Finished? Debate with Dan Abrams and Dave Zinczenko

Dan Abrams faced off with several leading media figures, including Christine Hoff Summers and Dave Zinczenko, to debate the resolution “Men Are Finished” with partner Hanna Rosin for ID Squared’s debate series. You can watch a video of the debate here, and also read Slate’s coverage here. 

— 7 months ago
Women in Radio Deliver

The New York Post recently posted an article on the success of women in radio focusing on Cumulus’ Kim Bryant. 

Bryant delivered some pretty strong results after wrapping up her first year running the company’s New York stations. Under her leadership, the Cumulus local spot revenue rose 23%.

Some of her accomplishments include launching NASH FM, revamping 77 WAB by adding more live and local content and making some changes at WPLJ.

Read the full article here.

— 7 months ago
Women’s IQs Overtake Men’s

Women are becoming brighter than men, according to the latest IQ testing. 

For years, women have been on average about five points below men, but IQ expert James Flynn’s latest tests show that women are closing the gap. In some countries, like New Zealand, women and men were equal, while in others, like Estonia and Argentina, women actually pulled ahead of men.

Flynn said he thinks this could be due to the changing demands of our modern world, including the rising demand for women to multi-task between work and raising a family. He will publish his findings in a book. 

For more about these developments, read the story here

— 2 years ago
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STUDY: Women Smarter, Less Risky Online

According to a new study conducted by Internet security firm Bitdefender, men are more likely to fall victim to data theft on social networks like Facebook and Twitter than women.

(Source: digitaltrends.com)

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Women Make Teams Smarter in the Workplace

There’s little correlation between a group’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members, but if a group includes more women, its collective intelligence rises, says a study profiled by the Harvard Business Review.

(Source: hbr.org)

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Women Are Better For The Planet

Seven independent studies/surveys show that women are much more conscious of their environmental impact:

1. Women recycle more.

2. Women are more keen to be green.

3. Women eat less meat.

4. Women take shorter trips.

5. Women save gas.

6. Women are eco-fashion forward.

7. Women make more eco-purchases

The folks at Earth911.com break down each study:

1. Women recycle more. About two-thirds of households that regularly recycle credit the woman of the house as the “recycling enforcer,” according to a 2009 survey. That’s a big deal since women continue to shoulder most of the housework, experts say.

2. Women are more keen to be green. About 41 percent of women compared to 27 percent of men cite eco-friendly living as a daily goal, a nationalsurvey finds. The same study showed that more women than men want to use reusable shopping bags and reduce their household’s energy use.

3. Women eat less meat. Men consume more meat and processed foods than women, conclude two recent European studies – two categories of food that are especially resource-intensive. Women eat more fruits and vegetables, which use up less land, water and CO2, for example.

4. Women take shorter trips. Is it because they ask for directions and take a direct route? We’d like to think so, but no: men drive and fly longer distances for their jobs, the European studies show. Women use more public transportation, too, which lessens their carbon footprint.

5. Women save gas. Aggressive driving lowers gas mileage by 33 percent on the highway, says the U.S. Department of Energy, and studies repeatedly show that women are less likely to speed than men. (That’s reflected in insurance premiums, too.)

6. Women are eco-fashion forward. The lack of eco-friendly menswear isn’t a big surprise since designers overwhelmingly focus on women’s apparel, but because women also buy more clothes, they have a greater influence on the industry as a whole. Did we mention their clothes are smaller, too?

7. Women make more eco-purchases. Beyond fashion, women are more likely than men to buy eco-oriented or recyclable products, according to an international study. Again, that’s potential for a big impact since women make at least 75 percent of home purchase decisions, researchers attest.

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Women Are More Efficient Soccer Players

When women play soccer, the individual interruptions, for instance for substitutions or to cheer a goal, are a lot shorter than when men play. In particular after injuries men remain on the ground significantly longer.

(Source: sciencedaily.com)

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Looking at Art: Women Appreciate Beauty Better Than Men

Patrons looking at art

According to a study done by researchers at San Carlos Clinical Hospital in Madrid, female brains react differently than male brains when looking at pieces of art. Scans done on both men and women while looking at pieces of art showed that brain activity increased on the right side only for men, and on both sides for women.

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Less Sick Days? Women Better at Resisting Colds

Women and colds

According to a study done in Australia, women’s immune systems react more strongly to the viruses that cause the common cold. Scientists speculate this is because of certain female horomones within the body, but don’t think it’s a permanent defense. Just a long lasting one.

For more information, check out this article.

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